Ethics, Innovation, Quality and Customer Experience are our Core Values.

Our Teams have done it before…. e.g. First Commercially Used Blockchain in the Middle East and North Africa, Designed and Implemented 20+ Digital Banking Channels, Designed & Implemented Enterprise Integration for 2 Major Banking Groups ….we have huge depth in:
 Mobility, AI, NLP, MDM, Blockchain, Enterprise Architecture & Integration, Payments, Biometrics, Analytics, Locational Based Banking and Loyalty Solutions.

A Little Bit About Us

iConnect101 is a privately owned Ireland-based company founded in 2017. Our Design and Development teams are based in our Offices in the UAE and India.  
iConnect101’s clear mission is to partner with Fintechs and Internal Innovation Teams within Financial Institutions in the delivery of Next Generation Digital Experiences.​
Our management team brings a distinguished engineering pedigree to the table having architected systems for Bank of Ireland, Rabobank, Barclays, KBC, UlsterBank, Ernst & Young, Axa and National Bank of Abu Dhabi amongst others.
Our entrepreneurial culture and world-class Technology, Processes, Project Managers, Architects, Designers and Programmers enables us to deliver to the highest quality 100% of the time here.

Background & Challenges

iConnect101 brings to the table the Skills, Experience, Processes and Technologies to help Fintechs & Financial Institutions quickly and cost effectively realise their next generation of Digital Customer Experiences.
Fintechs in some aspects have become victims of their own success. For example, the exponential growth in asks from Banks to help them in the delivery of their next generation of Customer Experiences has proven at times to be difficult to answer e.g. staffing capacity/capability, Banking Knowledge. For many Fintechs this has proven to be a strong motivator to drive towards strategic outsourcing. 
Over the last 18 months, there has been a dramatic rise in of the number of FinTech companies wanting to outsource all or part of their technology operations. PwC suggesting that as much as 20% of all FinTech startups outsource their technology needs (PwC Global Fintech Report 2017). Furthermore, as many as 65% of the FinTech industry reports that they expect to use some level of outsourcing in the next 24 months.
The potential upsides of Outsourcing for Fintechs are well articulated in the recent research by Deloitte Global:
  • Cost Reduction by potentially 35% over an in-house team.
  • More time to focus on Core Products and Services
  • Using an outsourcing company often solves capability and capacity issues
  • Bringing on board an outsourcing company will often add intellectual capital to FinTechs which will be critical to helping them with the adaptive and changing needs of the industry.
Financial Institutions are now putting disruption at the very heart of their business. They see the threat, customers are embracing Non-Traditional Financial Service providers. The recent Capgemini World Fintech Report 2017 provides an interesting global current state:
50% of Banking Customers saying they do business with at least one non-traditional firm. 
60%   of Banks are Actively seeking partnership with Fintechs 
59% of Banks are Developing their own in-house innovation capabilities.
As Financial Institutions build out their in-house Innovation Capabilities and their Partnerships the issue of getting access to the right skill sets has become a serious issue. This is not going to get any easier in the near future with both Fintechs and Financial Institutions searching for the same scarce skills and experience e.g. Blockchain, Analytics, AI, Cloud, Agile, Robotics Process Automation.